NBA Free Agency News Thread

Haven’t seen one for the entire NBA only the lakers so here we go !


Ion know how I feel about Harden on the Nets I think Philly or Miami is perfect

the nets got caris lavert, a rising young star, they don’t need harden, the nets really need a good big man to go along with caris, kyrie, and kd

Exactly my thing is if you can trade for harden you can trade for someone else that fits the team he’ll I think Oladipo would’ve fit better

Just to much offense on that team

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clickbait title but nonetheless music to my ears

Wtf that would ben crazy how would that work?

Jimmy bam and Giannis aren’t really three poin lt shooters

yea whenever i have a question like that in terms of the heat’s roster construction i leave it at this:

in coach spo i trust


If you take post injury oladipo over harden you are a terribile gm, he’s not the best fit but imagine what they could do on offense

Imagine the defense.

Also coach spo would be great for Giannis’s future


I wouldn’t necessarily take Oladipo over harden I just think with their current team Oladipo would be a better fit next to Kyrie cause of defense and they wouldn’t have to give as much. All in all they will have 3 superstars so they will be good regardless

Anybody worried about how good or durable KD will be after the injury? I have serious doubts about the Nets. Idk, maybe it’s for nothing but I feel something bad is going to happen. Either injuries or chemistry issues. I hope not because that franchise deserves something positive after what they’ve been through.

Imagine if giannis joins the nets

CP3 to the suns :eyes: I wanted him to the bucks but I’ll take it


The Bucks missed on Schroeder and now CP3

I feel like they have to go for Jrue or Rondo now and will probably miss both of them due to other teams.

Then I predict they sign Westbrook, :confused:.

Westbrook eh, man two non shooters as your primary scorers, don’t like it

Yeah same… it would be a disaster

Wonder where jeremi grant goes

Rumors? If there are only wolves fans on this site

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Raptors blow up, I could get behind this. Maybe Lowry will end up on bucks

I keep thinking Lowry to the knicks but idk why