NBA Draft 18

Wouldn’t it be cool if we get cards for this year’s draft ? The tier list would be like this :
• Diamonds for the top 10 picks
• Amethysts for picks 11-20
•Rubies for picks 21-30

What do you think about that ???

No offense, but that’s stupid.


Pink Diamond Luka Doncic lol.

Mark my words Luca Doncic is going to be the next Lonzo Bust…:grinning::grinning:

Can’t be that bad. He’s tall, have playmaking abilities with good shooting. Any player with these can play better than Lonzo imo.

Lmao 2k cant even put out moments. This is not gonna happen. They would have to scan everyone in too or they would look stupidly generic in comparison to other players.

Luka’s biggest problem will ( probably ) be his athleticsm . And he also has to adopt to the way the game is played in the US

I agree, he does not fit very well with todays NBA. He is tall for a PG/SG but not fast enough, hes got the size for a SF but not the strenght to finish strong and his 3pt ball is not great either.

He is a good ball handler but dont think he can defend a faster NBA PG/SG or stronger SF/PF.

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Very true . As a European , i want him to succeed and become a star ( the boy is something special ) , but at the same time i have a feeling that he will not live up to the expectations and the hype that surrounds him

They do it in Madden Ultimate Team live during the draft.

I mean what exactly is the hype surrounding him other than being the most polished player in the draft?

I don’t see anyone projecting him to be a star, but I see them projecting him as having a very high floor due to his polishedness.

I don’t watch euro league ball but he sounds like a rock solid 3rd option on a good team that will play team defense and can operate as a secondary ball handler that won’t be a ball stopper and will be a net plus both on and off the ball offensively.

Far from lockdown and can get destroyed one on one by an elite ball handler but he’ll play great team defense and won’t let a poor offensive game or not getting the ball bleed over to his defensive effort.

Basically every solid European wing ever.

There is hype surrounding him , especially in here in Europe , but in the US too . Some are calling him the greatest european prospect ever , and what he has accomplished in Euroleague this season ( Regular Season & Final Four MVP at 19 ) , are some of the reasons i mentioned " hype " . I agree though with what you said about what he most likely do in the NBA .

Doncic was the star player for the best team in Europe that just won the title. He is the first great euro prospect that contributed at this level. The euro league is head and shoulders better than the ncaa.
He is more tested than any prospect in this draft. His game will translate very well to the NBA as a point forward. Safest pick at top of this draft.

His athleticism is the biggest knock and there are concerns on defense but the chances of Doncic being a bust are non-existent. He will be nowhere near the defensive liability that Curry or Harden are right now. The biggest complication is that he will essentially be playing the 1 on offense while transitioning back to defense to guard a 3/4.

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IMO if the team that picks him use him the same way the 76ers are using Ben , he will deliver big time

For 2k19 purposes the player that could break the game could be Jaren Jackson. He will have ELITE shotblocking and 3pt shooting ability, at least based on college projections.

Bagley and Ayton are a bit overrated due to the ESPN Hype machine. THere is a good chance Wendell Carter is a better pro than both simply because he has less weaknesses than both. Neither Ayton nor Bagley are projected to be plus defenders right now. Carter is a blend of all things good, not necessarily anything great. Horford would be a very fair comp for Carter.

I have only watched highlights from the guys you mentioned and the one i really want to see play in Carter . And also a guy you didn’t mention , Mo Bamba

Darko milicic

Guy was great at the WWE jersey tear

Mo Bamba will have so many question marks as far as to how he tranlates. Esp regarding Perimeter skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting. I would classify him as a longer, but less skilled Clint Capela. Capela greatly benefits from playing with dynamic playmakers in Paul and Harden. Either he goes to a perfect situation where he rim runs and rim protects only, or he will need to greatly improve in multiple areas, vs some of these other guys that maybe are only weaker in a subset of the areas such as passing or dribbling.
Certainly an intriguing prospect with that size and wingspan, just some question marks on how he would be on the floor late in games for playoff teams.

You can get a great shot blocker/rebounder who can also knock down mid range shots and sometimes 3s .If he puts some muscle and work on hus post technique , he will be amazing

Fully agree. IMO he has more if’s than Jackson, Carter, Bagley and Ayton. In that order.