NBA Crazy Night


Siakam vs Kemba

Embiid vs Giannis

Kawhi vs AD

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Is Siakam playing?

idk I just wrote the best player on each team

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I hope Davis and Bron sit fuck the Clippers.

Merry :christmas_tree:

your’e scared?

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If one of AD/Lebron aren’t playing, might aswell watch do the annual Die Hard rewatch after the second game.

Siakam isn’t playing, btw.
Neither is Gasol.

Nah just would be nice to load manage them like they do everyone else.

Why? This is a highly anticipated game

If AD / LeBron sits out on this game I will not forget it and post about it till the playoffs

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Exactly why they should.

But Bron is playing he lives for Christmas games.

Id love it. Pull a Popovich and send Bron and AD home.

If one of them isn’t playing yeah there isn’t really a rivalry they don’t even have the guts to face them again.

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They’re both actually injured. Neither would take a healthy night off like your #2 there.

Honestly Bron and AD are hurt foreal but theyll play anyway and youll troll if they dont look as good and would’ve hated on them had they not played.

I believe that they will play but if somehow they won’t I’m gonna go crazy here until the playoffs

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10-0 start for the Raptors.

Raptors scored 10 in less than 2 minutes to start the game…and they scored 9 more until the end of the quarter.
They can’t really compete with the Celtics because of all the injuries.

Let’s just let the game play out before making crazy statements like that

Raps been streaky in games lately. But one thing this team can do is stay in games and compete. Game of runs. We all know this

However would help if raps were healthy lol

I’m not saying Raptors aren’t competing, I’m just saying that you have way too many injuries.

Kanter is feasting.

Kanter won’t play all game raps making a nice push here