NBA Bubble Thread: August 7th 🔥


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Boston vs Toronto :ok_hand:


Welp I’m now conflicted, I want OKC to lose tomorrow of for the extra pick, but I’m somewhat okay now with battling Houston if necessary.

Celtics vs Raptors :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:



I think Laker fans are Lowkey hoping Memphis goes on some insane run

If Utah, OKC, Brooklyn and Washington all win I’ll be shocked and ecstatic, hahah

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Nah we’ll lose just to fuck Portland lol
And that pick

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But yeah Laker fans (Subreddit) have this weird belief they’ll handle Portland in no more than 6 games, clearly they haven’t watched Portland play these past few games

And knowing Utah, they’ll lose because they’ll realize the suck all of a sudden.

Nah I hope Utah gets back in rhythm.

Phoenix is the new team I have my eyes on, they’re no joke

Idk I feel like Phoenix suns fans are about to jinx their own team

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utah missing half their team = easy money

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Literally every team wants Utah as their 1st Round matchup lol

:sleeping: see y’all in the playoffs

Lemme ask Carlo if he has a lawn chair I can use

Dead thread?

This might go down as the most inactive game thread of all lmao

What do you expect when the jazz are running a G league team out there

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To lose, they don’t want to deal with Houston lol

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I’m hoping they keep this up since we play them again😂

Raptors’ lucky charm and 3x champ Patrick McCaw left the bubble for treatment on his knee

Hope he’s able to rejoin team eventually come playoffs. Raps need all that luck

Max Derrick White. That’s all.

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