NBA Bubble Thread: August 5th 🔥



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Gonna need your boys to get this W @YOSEMITE_HAM


Barton and Harris both already listed as out. Jamal is questionable so we’ll see

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Lol Laker fans need the Nuggets to lose lmao

Damn. Step in for them and get it done for me man, haha

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Lmao I’m sure I can run some minutes at SG :sweat_smile:

It cracks me up though that the Nets vs Celtics is a premiere game though

Nets are contenders. I know you seen them beat Milwaukee

Lol, I will be lmao if they beat the Celtics with the same team they had today

only interested in lakers-thunder, maybe nuggets-spurs

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Call me a homer, but I think this will be the only good matchup tomorrow since JJJ is out for the season

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it is the only good match up, good thing it’s on espn

Who let the wizards in the bubble


the nba did…sadly

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For real… I don’t understand that decision. There’s no play in for the east as far as I’m aware and they started like 6 or 7 games back from Orlando… makes absolutely no sense. Unless they wanted them in to give certain teams easy wins. Who have they played and who do they play? hahah

Just looked, outside of the pels they don’t play anyone fighting for that 8th seed in the west. No idea why they are there,

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This would have been a good year for the NBA to try the top 16 teams regardless of conference format. No travel

Let’s Go Lakers!

Marc Gasol gonna turn Vucevic into Willy Hernangomez again.

Hey bro @Shinostique can I make august 6th thread? :pray::pray::pray:

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