NBA Bubble GameDay Thread: August 1st 🔥

Philly and Indiana Game Channels

Note: These games are on EST!

Note #2: Unless you live in these areas where the channels are provided, then we’ll need to post a stream for the Philly and Indy Game

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RIP pelicans fatigue

Nuggets down 2 starters. Can’t wait.

Jokic vs Bam is fun though


No offense to my fellow OKC fans on here, but we Lowkey need to lose this game tomorrow for a few reasons…

  1. Due to the uncertainty of this draft and COVID-19, I would feel much better if we gain another 1st Rounder if it means we have to lose more games. I’ll post a quick explanation for those who don’t know about the other pick.

  2. We are already a lock for the playoffs so even if we lose the rest of our games, we’re a guaranteed lock.

  3. I believe we need to capitalize on all our assets, even with this one.

Explanation: The pick I’m talking about is the protected OKC pick we traded in 2017 to acquire Jerami Grant. The Pick has protections thankfully so we can still get it back. In short, the pick protections for this one are 1-20 (for us), as long as we finish in this area we will retrieve this pick back. 21 and below, the Sixers receive the pick. If we lose enough we can maybe have the 19th pick and 25th Pick in the 2020 Draft.

Explanation #2: Thankfully with the Houston victory, the pick is now at 21, here’s what we need to do to retain our pick. We either lose enough for Philly or Indy to pass us, or hopefully the Mavs go on a hot streak. All we need is for either one of these three teams to pass us in win total and we’ll be good. We can still be the 6th seed as well if Philly or Indy step up.

Should be a good one. Looking forward to it.


let’s go heat :fire:


Finally, i can watch Heat game without staying until 4am :smile:


Heat by 12

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nuggets by 12


Let’s be honest, the game we’re all excited for is this one…

Am I right guys lol


Hey I’m doing the reverse jinx here!

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Real talk I really enjoy watching the heat and am a huge Bam fan so I’m excited this is our first game back. Can’t wait


same with watching the nuggets for me.

love their first scrimmage lineup, bol bol is a treat to watch alongside jokic


How CB241 really feels knowing his team traded Bol to the Nuggets


we traded the pick way before tho and we got the guy we wanted with the 32nd pick.

watch some highlights of the man, KZ Okpala. you gonna be hearing his name next year

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Haha tbf they traded the pick not the player. We selected Bol with the pick. Similar to us with D Mitch

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I Lowkey wanted KZ, but I was pleased we snagged Bazley. Dude has some legit handles for a 6’9” player.

But then we also traded Brandon Clarke for Bazley, so I’m not sure how to feel with this

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Regular NBA cool in my timezone basically being 12 hours ahead, cool to wake up drink coffee and just chillin’ while watching NBA.

Bubble NBA is not lol, 90% of games are played on my sleeping time. Had to drag myself out of bed yesterday just to watch an Orlando Magic game at 2:30 am


Let’s go raptors, Pels clips looks fun, hope they let Zion Zion

There’s no weak matchups, it’s going to be a good night