NBA Bubble Game Thread: August 9th Nets v Clippers


For anyone confused… here are the times of the games and their channels


Note I need OKC to lose tomorrow somehow, some way. If we do, then we’ll FINALLY have the extra pick for now. If we go on a 4 game losing streak, then we might have a chance at the 18th Pick

I’m predicting that Houston will take the 3rd seed as well.

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2 W’s out of 4 games and the Rockets will meet the Lakers in the second round, if the Lakers will even overcome Portland in the first.


it’s literally better to finish 2nd than 1st in the West.

:clap: :clap: :clap: Fakers you played yourselves.

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Game picks

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Blazers-76ers or the NOP-Spurs is the highlight game today , not the Nets-Clips :joy:

Sixers/Blazers . . . Somebody get in the Blazers’ ear and lets make Simmons for Lillard happen.

Monumental game in 2h.
Spurs-NOLA, win or go home for both teams.

Pop’s excuse for playing turds Belinelli and Forbes was that the team needed spacing…and without them Spurs have the third best offense in the bubble. :joy:
Just damn sad that this team could’ve been on OKC’s level while developing young players instead of those two turds.
4th fastest pace, but that’s mostly due to LMA not playing.

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Well OKC just toying with those Wizards

CP3 a quick +21 in 12 minutes

@Shinostique, this W might sting, but know the harder games are to come


We all win

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Fixed it

Alright so I just woke up from out of nowhere and tune in the game to see OKC up by 15. Welp, can’t say I wasn’t expecting this.

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Just why did we have to play the Wizards of all teams?

Derrick White! :heart_eyes:

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hopefully this Spurs game draw some attention in this topic.

it’s dry out here

Eubanks is actually good wow

What would you take to send White back home to CO

He’s probably the Spurs best player now.

Elite defense, really smart with the ball. Not an elite passer, but his decision making is great.
20-5-5 in the bubble, his 3pt shot looks way better.

And Spurs have to offer him an extension this summer.
Idk, should be the most untouchable guy on the roster.