NBA Bubble Game Thread: August 4th 🏀


Imagine if the suns could pull it off tmr :pray::pray::pray:

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Rockets vs Portland is Nice!

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yup i agree, the last two games could have great endings

Watch the Mavs choke to the Kings tomorrow for the memes


don’t sleep on sacramento, i see them doing big things next yea…yea i don’t see big things from them

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I lowkey feel bad for Kings fans Walton was such a bad hire for them. Laker fans warned them


this is sad but true…they team screams potential but plays like overall rubbish

They used to run fast breaks, which suited them the best, then once Walton arrived, they did half court offense and this killed the team

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well it’s gettin late for me…gonna hit the bed and hopefully wake up to new content from 2k and an eventual miami heat dub

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Nuggets fans lowkey want this

Unless Mavs stay as the 7th seed

Here are the current standings rn for this who are curious…



My criteria from my POV for a perfect day tomorrow:

  • Bucks or Nets win, doesn’t matter
  • Mavs win
  • Suns or Clippers win, doesn’t matter
  • Pacers win
  • Heat win
  • Rockets win

Note: If Pacers won tomorrow then OKC officially gets it Pick back from the Sixers for now.

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Really excited to hear Melo yell “FuckouttahereIgotit” on national tv.

It was already pretty damn clear in one of the Blazer’s scrims, so they’re probably gonna have the audio killswitch raring to go.


Lol every time Portland takes a shot with Melo on the court

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This will be fire from a fantasy perspective

Honestly with no home court in the bubble I don’t really care what seed we end up. No matter what we’d have to face an LA team in the second round unless LAC falls to 4 which will not happen. I guess if anything they should be trying to get Utah or OKC in round 1.

Dallas being 4 games back in the loss column almost guarantees they stay 7 I think

Nuggets and Rockets I’m sure both would prefer Jazz over Thunder.

Anybody would prefer the Jazz.

Lowkey, the Lakers dream scenario would be to play Memphis/San Antonio in the 1st Round, then Utah/OKC in the 2nd Round. This way Dallas/Houston/Clippers/Nuggets duke it out against each other.

But honestly the more I’m thinking about it, the more I think the Mavs can be a huge trap for the Clippers for a few reasons…

  1. Porzingis is a matchup nightmare for them. If AD is giving the Clippers problems, then Porzingis is going to have a field day if he’s on it this series. The series will heavily depend on how good KP is.

  2. Dallas has guys on the roster who can get hot in any second. These guys include THJ, Seth, and Trey Burke (I’m sure there’s others that I’m forgetting about). See with the Clips, you’ll know exactly who’ll more than likely get hot, but with the Mavs not entirely. These three are such big wild cards that they can cause problems.

  3. If Luka turns on his Magic, then he’s going to give the Clippers problems as well.

Depending on how deadly Dallas’ offense is this series, it can go to 5 or all the way up to 7. More than likely I think this series will go to 6 cause the Mavs will have 1 or 2 nights where they’ll be lights out. But if Porizingis is like averaging insane numbers like 35+ppg, then this series can go to 7.

But this series can also be a sweep if the Mavs can’t close games.


That’s not really possible tho. Lakers would play Rockets/Nuggets in second round.

This. Can confirm that Walton’s rotations are some of the worst I’ve ever seen from a coach