NBA Bubble Game Thread : August 2nd 🔥 Giannis vs Harden

Goal ko sana this year big sur marathon kaso nagka pandemic putsa next time na lang. madali lang marathon tol, kayang kaya :muscle:t3::100:

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Hahaha meron akong kilala pre triathlon 50 years old sobrang lakas pa ahahaha nag top form pa din pero foreigner yun.

Saan yang big sur ma held? Sayang pre.

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Hoping Crawford and Beasley actually get mins today for Bkn

Probably you mean 3 and 5 k?
I can believe 3k calories a day, but over 5k it’s definitely not possible imo… I am no nutritional expert or anything, but for myself I am trying to eat 2700 calories per day to bulk up muscle and I can’t find how to fit them in, I run out of stuff to eat, don’t have appetite to eat this much and literally can’t fit them into my stomach haha

Do y’all consider 6’3 155 light as hell?

This is from a regular run of 20 km only. I really do not mean to come off as a brag but those are the numbers

You do you. I found a method that works for my body and my system to respond effectively to. Hope you find yours :v:t3:


And how do you eat so much? 350 grams of beef are like 650 cals?

High calorie food like nuts, more fruits like bananas, grapes and apples, pasta for carbs sometimes rice.
Chunks of beef, large portions of chicken and pork belly. Sometimes fish as well. But if you want to grow muscle you may want to focus your diet on carbs and more importantly lots of protein

Can’t forget the veggies. Love the veggies


How are you even alive? :grinning:

I’m 6’3 and around 215-220 right now. 200-205 would be perfect, but the lockdown isn’t helping me with it.

Big Sur, California tol. south of San jose. Di ako from US natingin lang ako sa map. Hanep si lolo!

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Yeah I’m 6’3 230 right now cause of quarantine. The lowest I can get is like 185 before it starts too feel like I’m dying. A glass of wine would put me me on my ass at that weight so I can’t imagine going lower.

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Carbs… pasta, rice, oats etc… Avocados and nuts are easy calories as well.

Nets - Wizards?

We all sleep…

Do y’all think the bucks would be more dominant if they kept malcom brogdon?

No, Brogdon is overrated.
A good player, but people thought he was gonna be a star at Indiana.

A great all-round role player, but that’s it.
As soon as he was supposed to lead an offense (Oladipo’s injury), his percentages fell off.
And he’s always injured.

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Both the bigs on Washington and Brooklyn are playing really well so far. I can imagine Bryant has already outplayed his value for you @Kobe6Rings

Troy Brown and Thomas Bryant: my dfs lineup appreciates you :pray:


dude won the pot with just 306 :exploding_head: (opening night)


Fuuuck good shit man! Keep it rollin!