Nba best peaks

It’s a pretty cool YouTube series that thinking basketball is doing


Jordan or Isiah are probably next.

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Yeah I just watched 3 of these videos today, idk know much abt Bill Walton so I’ll be watching that one next. Yeah a Zeke vid would definitely be nice

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Kobe :muscle:

Early 90s Jordan, Nobody’s close, the guy was so much better than everyone he quit thinking he could master another sport he hadn’t played in years

JLin for 2 minutes

Che… player that gone from rookie to MVP in one season


Wes unseld

Nice! Gonna watch these later tonight.
NGL I thought it said “NBA Best Packs” and got hyped for a min lol

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Lebron Cavs 2nd stint was immortal

Tmac in Orlando was nasty too

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Waiting on Kobe and LeBron, but I feel like he should do Hakeem and Shaq before them

Watched this yesterday, this made me even more curious of how good MJ would be today’s NBA and how defenses would play him knowing he struggled shooting 3s.

It’s probably a two way question, how would defenses adjust to Jordan, and how would Jordan adjust to defenses. It’d be fun to watch

I would say 91 to 93 was his peak, 85, 50, 40 playoff shooting numbers while averaging insane ppg playing dpoy Type defence.

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I just think Jordan would be DPOY each year and could score 80points a game in the current NBA.

This was a pretty fun one