Nba back kawhi vs prime

Is the new nba back kawhi worth the upgrade over the prime kawhi?


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The better value card is prime without a doubt. But this new Kawhi is quite a bit better tbh… it all depends on ur budget and what u willing to spend

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ouhh nice thanks

New Kawhi is an animal. I’ve ran Kawhi ever since his all star PD came out, upgraded to the opal and got the new one today. Kawhi is Kawhi at the end of the day, same animations, but his new card is so juiced. 62 HOF badges, almost all stats over 97, absolutely insane tendencies. It’s essentially a GOAT card without the banner.

When someone pisses me off I’ve been assigning Kawhi to them and offballing. Clamps city. His new post badges are super fun too. HOF backdown punisher and Dropstepper are so broken.

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Definitely, because this new Kawhi is the best SG in the game.