NBA All star Saturday Night

NBA All star Saturday Night

Dwight Howard is going to embarass himself. Look for the mid-air fart dunk calling it now.


I give Dwight Howard credit though. At least he’s signing up and trying to make something of it.

If Dwight does any Superman shit he should be disqualified immediately.

New stream site is called basic cable

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If bam wins the skills that would be a sick card

I need to look over the participants for all the events. Who’s the potential most OP card?


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Called it but it looks like shit

Joe Harris with Clamps and HOF every shooting badge would be cheddar

Whenever we get a PG Luka with Clamps, that will be a top tier card.

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Pics or it didn’t happen

It’s the MVP award. You’re not watching NBATV? Its generic as fuck tho. Says Kia and the regular logo, that’s it.

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Nah I ate too much food. In food coma. Will be back at 8pm.

I was hoping for a gold basketball trophy with a snake wrapped around it. When I saw the nba logo, I thought it was updated to Kobe and I almost shat a brick. Cant even tell it’s a trophy, trash.

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TNT has a pregame show too

Yo rip can still rip the cord damn

Oh no shit. I’m about to switch over

Siakam with playmaking badges for winning the Skills Comp would be nasty too… HOF QFS, Gold dribbling badges, maybe even Gold Dimer? Would be an elite point-forward with lockdown defense

They could honestly re-release the same PD LaVine but with PG elig and he would be viable right away I think. But they’d improve it, I assume. He could use better defense.

The only definite bad ones IMO would be Devonte Graham, Trae, and Beverly. Even if they give Trae or Graham defense or Beverly offense, they’re way too small to be really good now (and we likely already have better alternatives).

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Who’s ready for opal Pat Connaughton? for a NBA streams. Contest should be on there


ASG will be like ASG 2006 all over again bc of Kobe

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no srsly