NBA 75th Anniversary Collection. 6 decades, 6 collections


75th Player Card Art reminds me of Skybox NBA Cards from 1991


I dig the D Rob card art. Looks dope.

Similar to Skybox EX-2000 too



He is mine!!!

Stupid question but is this set just the top 75 players in history?

It’s just 2 of em for now i guess. Most likely 2 editions of the same card, regular & 75th. Again smh.

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I need that David Robinson card for the spurs squad! I have 600k in the bank so hopefully that will be enough to get him.

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I collected these back in the day. Lol!

2 versions!!! You suck 2k

Any chance the decade lock-ins stay this small of a collection size? (i.e 2-3 cards per decade?) I can’t see it but it’s kinda scummy to imply you’re half way to a cool lock-in with just Havlicek or 1/3 of the way to a lock-in (likely) Jordan with D-Rob

Seems like 6 different collections for 6 different decades (two combined?) with 75 players, so collections will typically be around 11 or 12 cards?

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Yeah, probably top 6 players are the rewards. The q is who is the 6th :sweat_smile:

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Y’all don’t get to excited. Ton of MT to lock in.

Is drob best c?

Yes. It’s not particularly close either.

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Xbox 75th DRob Ends in 1 hour
-6 extra HOF’s
-Catch and shoot
-Pogo Stick
-Set shooter
-Fade Ace
-Lob City finisher
-Fully badgeD, Diamond shoe and contract


Dang, nice

I saw a random D-rob for 850k yesterday and it had 18 HOF badges.

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