NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Player Prices

Ask the community about how much a certain player costs. That way you don’t have to go onto the game every single time. For example, how much does the 98 ovr all star Stephen Curry go for right now?

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There’s a buy now for 75,900 on xbox right now, besides that close to 100,000. Am I helping this thread by replying :man_shrugging:? I hope so :rofl:

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thx for letting me know

how much does the tis the season curry cost, or the nba 75th one?

TTS-64-67k and 75th-75-80k (lowest prices on xbox as of this post)

thx again

how much does the 96 ovr danny ferry cost?

He’s not out yet

100k none at bin yet sold 2 to rip packs

That is depressing. Was hoping it would get to BIN quickly.

how much does beasts pink diamond kristaps porzingis cost on xbox?

how much does beasts pink diamond kristaps porzingis cost on xbox?

Don’t know how this compares to console pricing, and actually don’t know if this is normal for this time of day, but just looked at PC AH and there’s a bunch of Diamonds with BIN listed to just barely net seller Quick Sell value.

how much does the cheapest dark matter luka doncic go for?

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My guess a naked unsigned one is still 250-300k. Luka is worth it, and I would not say that about any other card in the game.

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New addition to Playoffs Lifetime Agenda group is some low point goal for any Ja Morant.

On PC, these are the cheapest Ja’s up:

I had a Dynamic Ratings I just put up because I still have 3 Contracts on my Free Agent Ja Morant.

I sold an Oladipo for 10k today

Fuck. Didn’t see that one. Checking now.

Thanks for pointing out Dipo.

I took a gamble that supply will be worse later tonight when I can finish his Agenda item, and got this one.

Also checked the ones I’m missing…

…and scored this Siakam.

(I have the Herb Jones and Trae Young but haven’t done those yet. Well I did do the Herb Jones, but with the fucking Ruby version. Whoops.)

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Nice, I have all of them except the opal. Easy 50k.

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