NBA 2K21 Play Now Online: A Thread

Not a very popular mode anymore amongst this community, I decided to see what the normal game of 2K is supposed to be like. Needless to say I was quite surprised. Players don’t dunk like at all and it comes down to who can play the best defense. For those who feel burned out by MyTEAM, give this a shot and just feel the difference between MyTEAM and just a simple Play Now game. Thoughts?

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It’s definitely more of a ‘sim’ experience. The meta of MyTeam doesn’t really exist there outside of Harden, Giannis spammers. Takes a little more basketball IQ to be really good in that mode. HOF badges are very rare on those cards so MyTeam players might be a little frustrated when they “only” hit 30-35% of their 3PTers (ya know, like in real basketball). I agree it’s a fun departure when you’re burnt out from MyTeam.


Love this mode. It became my most played 2k mode once I sold all my MT. Just something quick and easy, and I get to play with the Celtics in whatever tier they’re in. Only thing I dislike it getting matched up with retro teams so much as you advance through the ranks.