NBA 2K21 My Team wishlist

I’ll start off I want road to the playoffs on top of unlimited, bring back 2K17 style play with cap space situation, continued spotlight sims and the ability to trade cards

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My wish will be for xbox mt prices to reach $5 per


I don’t mind the 2K19 gameplay with better defense


They need to bring back the specialty card you could get throug unlock omg the ruins in 2k16

Loads of new game modes
Game mechanics not being broken
Respecting legends and not some no name players and giving appropriate animations and etc to right players
Not banning Carlo 5 or 6 times, because jelly kids snitching him to 2k without any valid proof
Multiple money tourneys
Better locker codes
Better customer support
Appriciating their customers
Game being a true inovation


Can 2k just plz make small guards have a significant advantage over taller guards, it sucks how unusable Curry, Westbrook, Dame, West, and other guards are in 2k20.


It’s not really that hard to do. Just make shorter guys faster and taller guys slower, as they are in real life. Give some great taller defenders (Rodman) an exeption but don’t make guys like KP able to keep up with Dame or AI. It would also help if cards were more rare than they are. So not everybody can run Giannis, KP and all the favorites. But that’s not gonna happen. People blow money and rip packs until they get who they want and that means a lot of these players end up on the market too. I would actually love if there was no auction house at all. You would have to play to get cards and make some cards that may not be the best, work for you.

EDIT: and I don’t mean that everyone gets the same cards for completing the same tasks/challenges. That would mix it up and I would love it.


I agree with just abt everything u just said, the only thing I disagree with u on is that there should be no auction house, if that were to happened then Myteam would be completely pay to win😂.

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Squad builder stuff like in fifa.
Use an all European team to unlock an evo Ginobili or Sabonis or something
Use showtime giannis and a 98 overall squad to unlock goat Giannis
Lock in a gold squad for a chance at one emerald, sapphire or Ruby player
Idk how it would work and I know there are fewer connections because NBA is one league but I’m sure there’s a way to do incorporate this


I would like to be able to play the game online even when it goes on sale or ps+


Add more AH space, get rid of the “searching…” while refreshing on the auction house. Having to wait 4 hours for cards to sell is a bit ridiculous. Why not let us post for 1 hour? We need that draft mode the right way this time. Get rid of the ball drops that take forever… add more variety to myteam, don’t let us get bored with MTU after getting the player of the month 1 day into the month. We should have more to play and grind for. Super max, MTU, draft mode, TTO, TT offline. Those would be nice options, possibly add something else that is new.

Matchmaking was horrendous in 20, opal god squads can match ruby’s and diamonds. That makes the game pay to win. If the 250k tourny is back, do not let the opponent stall by calling time outs or pausing the game. Speed the timer up at the very least for 250k. There should also be a mercy rule in myteam, 30 point spread seems fair. Possibly bring back the black market or something fun for the fans. I thought the runes were a bit wild in 2k16, but the idea was interesting.

I think something should be done about locker codes too, personally i liked the timed codes. Too many people whined about it, though. I would like to see some more rewarding locker codes. They botched evo’s pretty badly this year too, it looks like they are returning. That needs improvement. Heat checks also were pretty useless.


Were heat checks meant to upgrade a 77 ovr to like 92 when they have a great run or smth?

No multitransactions.

I wish game never count (online)when you have power outage whole the half city if you live south Louisiana through Argentina

Madden offline have saved game auto if happen power outage anyime it’d cool feature on online in future avoid get irritable mood get L for no reason

The ability to trade cards in MT, ability to create and save multiple uniforms, and doing away with contracts because to me those are unnecessary.


The option to sell or at least trade your lock in cards. Or maybe use the lock in card for one game to decide if you want to lock it in or not. You lock a player in only to find out he’s not worth the lock and now you’re stuck with a card you don’t use, and can’t make any MT off of it…it happens often and it’s annoying because those cards rarely get evo’s and become dated rather fast. If you own the card you should have more options to do what you want with it.

The option to trade players would be pretty dope (card for card with same tier or 1 below/above to prevent selling players for real money). Since we are collecting CARDS of players and it would be so fun because in that case we would have a trade thread on the site and it would be trades between us members from 2kg

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Get rid of Heat Checks.
Slow the power creep.
Stop giving HOF badges out like candy.
Give option to unlock locked sets - even make it cost tokens or something.
Keep up the offline content, just spread it out and move some earlier.
Make collector rewards and earlier season rewards relevant.
Another (different) online 5v5.


A non competitive online mode


Been asking for stuff for years now… and when I finally get something (position locks) they execute it as poorly as possible…

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