NBA 2K21 Demo

So tomorrow is the 24th of August in 4 hours (here in Australia) does it come out tomorrow for us or on Monday for the US ?

It’s a global release so it releases at the same time for everybody. 12A.M. EST.

If my calculations are correct it’s 2pm Monday for us in Aus. There was a thread about this earlier today

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Thanks I didn’t see that thread when I was looking for the demo threads

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yep it comes out at 2pm for us aussies. nice time as i finish school at 2:45 tomorrow and i can hop on that

So 11:59 EST sunday night


never mind about 2pm today. now it’s moved to midight tonight. suck cos now i’m gonna have to wait till 16 hours after it launches

Yeah it’s unfortunate but I might stay up lol but it’s probably going to be a lot of gb to download

yeh i got school so i can’t stay up. i’ll probably download during my lunch tomorrow so i can play as soon as i get off school

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2 hours. Who’s ready?

it doesn’t come out till tomorrow

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10 am EST

Well now I’m embarrassed lol

Roughly about 7 hours until the demo

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Are we able to download if tonight

Nah no preload unfortunately. Sucks bc school starts for me tomorrow so my roommates gonna be sucking up all the bandwidth on their zoom classes

There won’t be any myteam content in the demo right???

Usually not