NBA 2K21 Demo Tourney

If it is indeed online who down for that Demo tourney ?


Is the demo available now??

Nah tmr 10 am est

14 hrs 15 mins from now

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Won’t it only be two teams though for the demo?

That’s fine best of 3

You get one team then point differential decides who picks game 3 lmao


Imagine 2K letting us have fun with a demo lmao. Where ya’ll hearing this online rumor?

I’d be down though.

i want smoke

Nice. Thanks!

Not yet but allegedly some kind of multiplayer feature will be on it.

OG I think we will only be able to use 2 teams though. Hopefully the multiplayer is for 5v5

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That’s great I’m excited :fire:

Ronnie probably deleted that tweet because it was the wrong info. Either that or because the demo got pushed back.

I have a feeling y’all are setting yourselves up to be let down. Most likely gonna be my career prelude and freestyle, again.

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They used to back in the day. One 5 min quarter with the two teams that made the finals and then they started doing the 2KU bullshit

A realist, i like it