NBA 2k20 MyTeam Services and MT [PS4]

Selling MT
Buying MT

Doing 12-0s $(25-35) USD

Grinding Tokens (35c) per token

Have vouchers if needed.

PM me if interested.


Price on MT? I sent you a PM.

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Stock- 200k MT

Big vouch for my guy here! Got my 12-0 done within a few hours. :+1:

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available for 12-0

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Huge vouch for @MvpSemi, great seller, super fast transfer of MT and just great communication! Don’t hesitate to buy from him!

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Vouch fast transaction

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Would u be open to playing one spotlight sim game for me? If so name your price. Thanks.


No longer doing 12-0s.

stock - 200k MT


bump selling mt for $5/100k

Vouch came through quick

out of mt will update when I have more mt in stock

300k in stock $3/100k

Highly recommend my guy here!! FAST AF! Lol damn near instant service and great price! Thanks bro!

Pm me

500k in stock $3/100k USD

Big vouch! Quick and easy transaction!