NBA 2K20 Manual (PDF Download)

Here is a link to download a manual for various platforms and languages:

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They usually have a manual up on their site, for download as PDF.

Don’t seem to have one for 2K20 up (yet).

Below is a link to their 2K19 manual, and I tried the obvious mucking about with URLs. If anyone knows where I can download a 2K20 manual, would much appreciate your sharing the address…

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No offense: you always struck me as a “always read the manual first” kinda guy. :slight_smile:


Offense!!??? You just made Harry’s day! :joy:


Yeah like someone who actually reads long ass User agreements and TOS

I can see that.

I basically did not play the Demo except for one play-through of a single MyPlayer build, and didn’t touch the 2KU mode or whatever it was called.

So I don’t know what has changed…and I think it’s way easier to look at the manual than look through the 2KU/game “glossary.”

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I actually love the glossary or whatever that thing is called where all the moves are viewable. Although I wouldn’t mind if I had a nice list to print out…

Don’t sleep on the glossary…it shows the controller input thingie

I like the in-game thing, too, as an option. But for quick reference, it just is more efficient to have three or four pages of the manual, rather than dozens of menu items in the game menu.

To me, at least.

The manual also shows/describes controller input. And I don’t think I find any of them confusing, and don’t need it animated. Especially when I’m just looking to be reminded of a move I already understand.

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Updated the top post to provide link to manual download. It’s up.