NBA 2K20 Builds Thread

Post your build , specify the type of player he plays like , position , archetype ect

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@Kobe6Rings 6’5 Shooting Guard , slashing / playmaker

175lbs 1 notch below half on arm length !

KOBE athleticism , Kobe post moves

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C 7’3 Pure Strech. Strength focus max weight and wingspan. Plays like Sabonis in myteam. At least on rookie difficulty lol. Not even joking has the deep 3 post fade and big af for D and rebounds. Even has pretty solid strength.


I made a 6’2” SG with 89 speed, 90 acceleration, 81 driving dunk, 80 mid and 3pt, and 87 ball control.
He’s got HoF Range Extender, Deadeye, Difficult Shots, Catch and Shoot, Volume Shooter, Giant Slayer, Slithery?, Relentless, Acrobat. Then Gold Ankle Breaker, Downhill, Quick First Step, Handles For Days, and a few others that I can’t remember.

I’m gonna look into something like that. I was thinking about a sharp / post type build

the thing is shooting brings post. Post fade going up gives more shooting badges. They go hand in hand this year. Literally diamond Sabonis from 19.

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You might be on to something. In the lab now…

I call it my Kirilenko build. 6’8" PF Post Playmaking Rim Protector.
65/71 open 3/mid, 70 Ball Handling, all 73-84 defending, 83/86 reb, 84 speed, 78 accel, 67 strength 85 shot close, 80 driving dunk

Did this for my first assist. Finished with 23-9-9

Not the biggest or strongest at PF but he should be able to hold his own on D while running circles around cement shoed stretches on the break. I have more highlights saved because it was just too much fun to run with.


My build is very similar. Just somehow ended up with more defensive badges

Stretches aren’t that slow. Imo that build won’t be very good when you start playing actual players instead of rookie cpu

Compared to 84 speed with 70 Ball handling? They’re glaciers.

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Nah but I think stretches are hurting when it comes to lateral quickness

It depends. I would run that build at SF in 5v5 comp play against most matchups. Hell 2K even put him at the 3 in the test match.

But I also trust my positional play to make up for the height difference. And this build is very switchable which I think will be important this year. Especially with hard screens returning.

I can’t wait for people to test HOF Steady Shooter with HOF Deadeye. I wonder what max make% is on heavy contests with those two badges stacked.

Steady shooter seems like a great badge for ppl with 70 open 3

people on twitter seem to think it’s going to suck because it has a negative effect on open shots, but a good shot timing on a wide open shot is going to go in regardless.

Stretch Big with HOF C&S, HOF Quick draw, HOF Range extender, HOF Steady Shooter, HOF Tireless is going to be a major problem. Volume shooter can be really good too if you have teammates that will feed you.

If someone’s really good with their release volume shooter + green machine + hot start looks way too good.
I wonder how long will it take 2klab to calculate all the percentages with those and if they stack.

Theoretically, if someone with those badges hits first two shoots, he’s going to become game 6 Klay.

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hot start is trash. only works while you havent missed a shot and then it becomes completely useless the rest of the game. green machine seems like a noob badge because in theory if you master your shot it is also useless. Volume shooter seems good in the right circumstance.

Idk, those badges are really only accessible for pure sharp/stretches on anything beyond bronze bc the other badges are more important like c&s, deadeye, range extender so you run out pretty quick

Pure sharps are already cash regardless if the player is good

volume shooter looks great in solo or maybe 2s but I’m not sure you are going to get enough shots consistently in the other modes.

That being said, the SG sharp that could do pro dribble moves was a lot of fun in the demo.