NBA 2K19 Nintendo Switch $2.99

As the title says. It’s down to $2.99 like PS4 and XBOX. PC next?

Ive been thinking about getting a switch for like 3 weeks but keep changing my mind. I dont have tons of time for games but 2k, super smash, pokemon and suoer mario deluxe looks really good. Any Switch owners can vouch for it? Can you watch netflix and browse the web on it?


I haven’t touched mine in months. Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda were fun but once i beat them I’ve picked up my Switch only a few times to play Mario Party and Mario Kart with my girl. Looking forward to Pokemon Sword though

Damn lol I feel like I’d do that too. It’d be fun for like 2 months then it’d be a $400 knickknack

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I might pick up smash bros if I find a good deal

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Is mario oddessey 2D? Idk if its that or the deluxe one

It’s 3D, it’s basically Super Mario 64

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How do you have a switch and not have smash yet lol

I picked up Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu for the nostalgia, it was pretty good, but went by too quick

Not really a fan of fighting games

Time to test it out on switch I guess

Wish somehow I could spread some of my underused PS4 assets on switch. What’s the market like on there? If anyone knows.

I may buy it for $3 just for my league when I’m on the go. I probably would never buy another 2k game on the switch, but I could see myself messing around in 2k19 my league on the switch even in 5 years.

Buy for 3 bucks on swtich

Open packs and hope for an opal

Get the opal

Sell for profit

Turn your 3 bucks into 20 bucks lol


Yeah switch games hardly ever go on sale also. This is gonna be my 2k20 lol. Bring the game back to form before I give you any more money.

Wanted to buy for the switch. But in Europe it costs 30 euro, in the ps store 20 euro. Europe once again gets fucked.

Switch>>>other consoles… I travel super nice when bored to just fire it up… now it’s time to fire some deep threes with the budget team I’m about to make @Shinostique hope your ready for all the smoke lol

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Nice, I can’t do a matchup now, maybe in a week or two, but I’m looking forward to it, heck we can probably host a Switch tourney (I mentioned this before, but never followed through with it)

If the game is still 3 dollars, I Lowkey recommend everybody to buy it on Switch and maybe we can have this massive tourney.

The switch is awesome, just needs more adult games (like shooters not some weeabo bullshit)

That’s fine it will give me time I need, hoping the welcome packs are up and 2k blesses me