NBA 2K19 MyTeam Wish List

Here’s to a sweaty Year of 2K18 MyTeam

What do you want to see improvements of?

off the top of my head

  1. offline challenges in myteam similar to madden
  2. removal of contracts (madden is doing so)
  3. reduction of attributes when player is played at a different position in myteam
  4. blacktop mode
  1. Would love to see better offline content.
  2. Defense needs to be satisfactory.
  3. No bump steals.
  4. The referee needs to be more consistent on both sides.
  5. The 3 point shot needs to be nerfed
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  1. Absolutely No equalizer. There need to be a big quality difference between an all diamond and an all ruby lineup otherwise it makes no sense to buy them

Bump steals need to be abolished… facts.

You can go ahead and throw that out the window. Ain’t gonna happen.

I would love updated domination modes as the year progresses. Give us some offline stuff that’s worth our while when we get tired of superaids.

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  1. No Equalizer. Or please turn it off after halftime. I can’t dig myself out of 25 point deficits with 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.


  3. Lots of multiplayer challenges.

Better match making would kill the eq and make the game more fun

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Facts. If you’re in the emerald league you shouldn’t be playing pink diamond members. That would eliminate a lot of the plroblems. Make it so that you don’t play anyone over 2 tiers above. Something like that.

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Offline challenges with a diamond or pink diamond fantasy pack for example you get to choose 1 of the 3 pd/diamond players if you win a challenge

Nerf the fucking stats and tendencies. I want to play basketball not NBA Jam.

This card had the most stats of any card in the game in 2k16 and it’s less than 4000… Go back to that!

Also supermax can fuck off. Bring back my team online/road to the playoffs. Salary cap is fine but make it matter!


Bring back card collection rewards.

Get rid of pack n playoffs or improve it. It’s honestly the hiv to supermax aids.


Pack n playoffs was better than supermax but they should update it for gods sake why would i grind for a pau gasol i can get for 20K

  1. no players out of position
  2. no pause cheesing( max a player can pause during game is two times).
  3. letting us choose the difficulty in play with friends
  4. mto and supermax two different modes
  5. no fake stats esp for centers like kareem and patrick ewing who can shoot threes. people need to run traditional centers the way they’re suppose to be run not hold their nuts in the corner in a 5 out

That’s why I called it hiv and not aids lol

Better odds of shoes and contracts and more shoe combos

  1. Make rim protection a thing
  2. 10 second timer run off per pause
  3. If rim protection isn’t a thing, at least make the blowby animation less frequent
  4. If supermax stays, make a secondary online mode with a firm cap that forces card tier restrictions
  5. Make all of a card’s stats -10 and all badges one tier lower if a card is played somewhere other than primary or secondary position
  6. Guarantee one high tier card per user when a specific dollar amount is spent. It seems like they’d rather draw thousands from a few hundred players and sour them from ever playing the franchise again rather than draw a hundred from thousands of players and still have them interested in coming back every year. Either do this or actually present specific odds on drawing a card tier from a pack

I can go on for a while but even these improvements would help them secure a loyal player base that would perpetually fund the franchise.