Nba 2k19 most overpowered guard build! best build for rec center and park!

show support becuase i do the same

My dude stop this whack ass shit lmao

It’s the same video

if its wack, why you keep coming back

Don’t think I’d take time out of my day to watch your video :rofl:

listen, im tryna grow so gotta do what i gotta do

What you don’t gotta do is make 3 posts without anything else other than your video link

If you want to grow try contributing to 2kg before begging people to watch your videos



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ok bye then

im not begging

Yes you are. If you’re not begging you wouldn’t post the same video twice. No one wants to watch your wack videos

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@HarryLundt @kinsman why are we allowing people here to just straight advertise their god awful content without contributing to this forum in any other way? Also, why is it okay for this man to make two of the same posts advertising that same god awful content? Nobody cares about it, hence why nobody has opened the link. The guy does nothing on here besides advertise his channel. He’s got a whopping 203 subscribers. This is ridiculous.


You dont build followers like this lol youre becomming annoying

I could understand if the guy had like 2-3k subscribers but he’s got 203…

Theres a reason he only has 200 subs its because he spams these shitty videos on every website he uses

Play the first 15 seconds of this video. You’ll understand why :rofl: