NBA 2K19 logo is released


This is possibly the start of the NBA 2K19 hype train

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20th anniversary = price increase to the “anniversary edition” which includes some bullshit VC amount and some bullshit players to be outdated in a couple weeks of use all for 199.99


Solid gold lettering so I can pawn the case, or I riot. Lol.

In all honesty I hope they really come with something fresh. They have taken a step back far too often, and failed to find the middle ground, e.g., last year post offense was OP, and this year it’s a block party strip fest with low percentages dropping unless you’ve got Hakeem, Kareem, or another OP card. Some games even they fall victim for 4 quarters to the shit post animations.

One word. 2k18. Hype train derailed.


I keep swearing I won’t buy 2k19 & the wife keeps saying “yeah right, you without 2k”. She’s right, I’ll probably buy the bullshit game and be mad for another year.

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No Lebron? wtf lol

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Resist! It’s kind of ridiculous how much we spend on this game. One box $20 can get you absolutely nothing and it’s over immediately, or you could buy a discounted game that will entertain you for months.


I won’t be buying another nba 2k game. I don’t wanna give another penny to the greedy bastards at 2k again

Are you still banned? I noticed a few of the other people here had their bans lifted

Yeah, 2ksupport ignoring tf outta me? Idc 2ksports is a shitty company what can you expect

Might wanna ask @DaNali and @anon11689187 for advice. Dasher found a way and he was banned from even contacting support

where was this released?

On their IG page

i talked to dasher about it, he told me to keep spamming them, i did and they’ve still ignored me so i gave up honestly.

Try writing support on twitter

Speaking of 2k19

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Makes me wonder if they intentionally ‘break’ stuff so they have something to fix to get people excited for next year’s game :face_with_monocle:


Like madden used to fucking do smh

I did already lol. That dude pay2win god really got me banned , he’s the snitch for anyone who hasn’t figured that out lol. I find it funny the person who post sub glitch tutorials/buys and sells mt is the 2k informant​:joy::joy:. Dude has no life/future ahead of him I feel bad for his sorry ass

I repeat again, get ready for games ending with scores like 23-17…