NBA 2K19 broke their previous sales records

Nearly 12 million units sold, consumer spending rose by 140% from previous years. Micro transactions aren’t going anywheres

I don’t know how this company doesn’t give the people that spend $500+ on micro transactions the game for free the next year. They should hire me that’d make them even more money lol

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Because that’s lost money on people that are guaranteed to buy the game. Would literally be at least 7 figures down the drain on that alone

I don’t think thatttt many people are hardcore spenders like that though… not many people got 500 dollars lying around to blow on a video game

You know some people are ruining their credit score with the amount they spend.

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There microtransactions profit says otherwise

They should release my team as a free game. They basically gave away 2k19 at the end and the servers couldnt hold up