Nba 2k league superstar got banned

Apparently dude was telling people to quit during the 250k tourny and paying them mt cause he wanted to build a lead since he was 1st at the time. He was leading in points in 2k league last season

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Hey man where can I watch this tourney

Lol “superstar”


This is what everyone does who wins these things. It’s no surprise.


I just find it funny he got banned for getting caught lol

Hahaha wtf

Not surprised. Been saying this for awhile.

He ain’t get banned for that. The real reason is unknown to us regular folk.

He did lol. They just don’t wanna say it

lmaoooo so this is what ppl doing

where did you see he got banned?

Hey If dude needs to pay off Mt debts I got some for sale.

So the dude he paid to give him the premature win ratted him out?

Did that dude get banned too, for violating TOS?

He never paid up.

I’m banned now too:-(

are people that are getting banned buying mt? maybe they’re looking in to last year and banning people.

Are you actually?

I… fuckin… knew… it!!! I KNEW PEOPLE WERE PAYING OTHERS TO GET A BIG LEAD IN THE QUALIFIERS … god damn those kids. Im just trying to win fair and square here they are paying 50k MT PER GAME!!!

Yes. I never competed past first week of the tournament so I’m not doing any of the pay people to lose to me bs