Nba 2k lab

Does anybody here have premium account? It is quite expensive. Is it worth it?


I had one when it was a fair bit cheaper. It’s kind of worth it for career things, jump shot data and stuff.

Myteam wise, no, not worth it all

Ok thx

All the best jumpshots and useful info ends up leaking regardless…they probably deserve the support though


From what I’ve gathered, 2Klabs is going all in for 2K20… I bet they expand their MyTeam stuff.

Probably the biggest waste of money

It’s worth it for maybe a month in the beginning while people are still figuring things out.

I didn’t get any value out of it later in the year.

They still do that thing where they open a bunch of packs on premium users accounts? It’d probably be worth the price for that, but of course, from what I remember, they picked that randomly, so it’s like buying a lotto ticket.


I was just curious about that myteam players release speed. Wanted to compare players. I noticed that I prefer to use players with medium fast releases. Wanted to build team of players with similar release speed that’s it. :slight_smile:

Lets be honest ripping packs is the biggest waste of money lol


I wish they deliver the services like which takeover with different coaches or shoes in Myteam section

Yeah the monthly subscription model makes zero sense for their business model. I bet 90% of their subs cancel after month 1. They would be better off selling full access for like $15 flat.

These guys do good work though and we are better off with them in the community than not.


Didn’t 2Klab post here a while ago as well?
Would be interesting to know what’s cooking for 2K20.

I buy it during September only because thats usually when they test the jump shot bases for park. The rest of the stuff usually leaks onto reddit but yeah they do deserve the support

I thought their badge testing has been the most useful stuff on their site. I’d pay something for more thorough testing across all badges.

I don’t rip packs at all , but zero chance I pay for a half assed app

I don’t think of 2klabs as a business personally. I think of them as like a non-profit that needs our support to continue existing and providing us with information no one else will, including 2k.

Sure, the business model is iffy, cause the information can be shared. But if 2klabs “fails” we all lose.

All scientific endeavors need funding. I’m happy to help.


What if those ____enough guys are not willing to share it with you though? :thinking:

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Yeah we all understand the concept of mooching, my point is that if everyone felt that way, 2klabs would fail and we wouldn’t have their info anymore.

I changed my mind