NBA 10-25-2018 Game Discussion

7:00 PM EST: Cleveland ( 7 ) at Detroit ( -7 ) —- T: 223.5

7:00 PM EST: Portland ( -3 ) at Orlando ( 3 ) —- T: 218

8:00 PM EST: Boston ( 1.5 ) at Okla City ( -1.5 ) —- T: 212

10:30 PM EST: Denver ( -4 ) at LA Lakers ( 4 ) —- T: 239


My Cavs are a hot mess! Lol


LA beating Denver tonight


Lakers on a back to back against a rested Jokic…

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Those are the fishiest lines ever lol

Mark it for tonight…

That Boston line

most lines have already moved .5-1 in the direction you would expect since the time I pulled these earlier this morning.

Only makes it fishier lol. Lot of public money being tossed around. Portland/ boston/ detroit all have 70%+ of tickets on them

I looove the magic at +4 if the line moves there. seeing +3.5 on a lot of books

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I can see it, any reason you love em so much or you just got a feeling?

Aight Lakers. Y’all played a garbage team. Now we gotta carry that over and do the same thing against Denver.

I bet over on bos/okc. Should be high scoring

their Augustin/fournier/Gordon/isaac/vuc lineup has a +68.5 on/off split and they have played some really good games against some tough teams this year.

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Magic plays very well at the start of the season every year lol.


I don’t have a good feeling about this game

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Whos gonna guard Lebron, i feel like he will go of.

Number wise i for sure like the magic more. Im just being a little gun shy cause last time i bet them they got beat by 30 against the hornets and id never seen a team play worse or with less enthusiasm haha. Might have to try again tonight tho

Millsap will have to try his best though Torry Craig did an excellent job on KD the other night

Murray > Ball
Harris > Hart
Craig <<<<<<<<<<<<< LBJ
Millsap > Kuzma
Jokic >>>>>>>>>> Javale
Nuggs bench > Lakers bench

We have soooo many favorable matchups but I have a feeling everything is going to go the Lakers way tonight. Still predicting a Nuggs win as we are clearly the better team. Just not 100% confident. Time to see if our new found defensive prowess keeps showing up