Nate Archibald free log in dark matter card

I’m building a Cincinnati Royals team and I think this sucks. Just had Mitch Richmond jeez.

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Yeah I was hoping it would go up after getting Mitch (who I like) but I guess we’re back down to these types of rewards :sweat_smile::pensive:


I thought the log-in rewards were going to get better every week, but this proves otherwise.


If they’re gonna give us little guys that most people will be disappointed with,at least give me Damon Stoudamire :grin:

Finally a 6’1 point guard… great for people that have stacked accounts so it can collect dust for no reason and awesome for newbies who are just starting the game so they can use him in the offline challenges to get better rewards (LOL) and compete online too against point guard giannis and simmons…


While Nate is definitely worthy of being in an all-time Kings squad and he had an opal in 2k20, I just can’t use him. He’s too small and not cheesy enough like David Wesley or Donovan Mitchell to compensate. Yeah, he might just be the worst opal/dm card to get at the end of the cycle.

Is Tiny Archibald the last log in reward? Or we still got another one next week?

Free short players in a video game that size matters. Makes sense

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I actually miss the wheel spins. At least you could get a few tokens or some MT out of that versus cards that won’t ever see the court and cannot be quicksold.

Got one more week

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I’m ok with this one. Archibald has Paul George base and will obviously have max speed and all that Jazz. My concern is that he won’t be able to dunk or drive to the basket, thus making him completely useless. Richmond definitely better

Lol. Imagine giving us a small person at the end of the cycle.

bruh this and elvin hayes are the only two i’ve been able to get…. and their 2 of the 3 worst along with trae lol

but i mean if only a handful get use out of this, then that’s a W imo. it’s a card you can get for litterally playing 7 mins a week. give him 98 tho 2k

Yeah Nate Archibald is gonna suck just like the rest of them smh, Richmond has been the only one that is moderately useable

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If a 6’1 point guard why not nick van exel lol I just want nick the quick

Only 2 hotzones from the corners…

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Lmao his hotzones are great

He’ll probably get updated… in like 2 weeks lol

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