Nash or pd drose?

CAN I FINALLY sell my pd rose is billups or nash worth replacing him. I already have magic and 2nd best diamond simmons ? but i need a scoring pg

Lin is just as good if you EVO him.

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My son hit seven threes with his Nash against me including a game winner.

I used him once, and he did fine, he gets that layup animation where he blocks the defender out in the air, which is an auto make.


still? I have PD Lin and Kidd, been at work and haven’t had a chance to get into the AH yet and try out. Was going to do so after work. From what I’m seeing Nash is a fair bit of a beast at the price and badges he’s got? Loving Lin running my squad with Roy as SG for now.

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Haven’t faced Drose in forever


Billups better than both by a mile. That 85 strength w clamps is sick.


If you can master his shot its over.

Billups is terrible…he seems slow and his player model is worthless against Simmons/LeBron/Magic. Lin feels four times faster and his player model at least gives him a chance to compete with those guys.


From a budget perspective I think it goes: 1. Lin 2. Kidd 3. Billups 4. Nash

Beat a guy with stacked team using Billups at PG and did not miss single shot with him.

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Nash been a brick for me

Marbury is a god


Marbury is nice ASF


Off topic, but it’s a shame that 2K killed the joy of Marbury by flooding the market with cheaper and often better alternatives a week after people started getting him. So many good cards getting left behind in a blink as new cards follow. It’s just that time in the cycle, I guess.

He can yam, shoot, dribble, clamp

+he’s free


I think he’s still top 5 PG in the game

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No, they aren’t as explosive as Rose going to the basket. Assuming you’re still using Rose for his dunking and speed.

Jamal Murray Is one of the best scoring PGs can shoot and dunk.

Billups and Nash might be better overall but they can’t slash as well as Murray.

Idk what he’s going for right now, but if you want pure offense D-Wade is the most dangerous in the game right now imo if you can afford him.

He’s my favorite card in the game (more so than Jordan, Roy, LeBron, etc) and I didn’t even like Wade as a player. Lol.

How does Wade compare to MJ? Sniped Wade with diamond contract/3pt shoe for 100k yesterday and I like him a lot. Want to try out MJ but I don’t want to spend an extra 300k if the upgrade over Wade is minimal…

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Wade is a top 3 offensive card in the game, I haven’t tried out MJ but Wade at 100k is a steal

PD Rose in the right hands is unstoppable. He and Baron destroy me, over and over because of their 3pt threat and explosive dunking.

Nash can’t yam so (like Billups) I just don’t see how they are really viable with all this quick big men lurking around the paint.

Now that Opal season is here, I put a premium on yamming!