Name glitch

Name glitch

Does anyone know if you can change your name like you could last year. My player was transferred over without a name so I’m trying to figure out if I can give him one.

It won’t be fixed until the next patch

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Thank you

2k is 1 of thee most glitchy game ever!!!

A patch came out since you guys posted this right? And still no fix? 2k support said the devs are working on it but they’re not sure if it will affect accounts in progress, only new accounts. I’m like that’s so dumb, because new accounts aren’t affected. I’ve put so many hours in already and I really don’t want to start over, but I will because it’s the most annoying thing ever. Does anyone have any information? Did the patch that was suppose to fix this come out already because I know they dropped a patch within the last couple days. Any help is appreciated. I don’t want to use that much more vc And spend that much more time on a new player just because 2k sucks.

I’m a walking glitch