Name a pg to try

I usually run traditional point guards or a 2 guard at point

Who should I try… I still use west , run wade at point with my starters

I did like diamond wall, the pd wall seemed to get nerfed too much

Not interested in simmons/giannis at point

Would like d stopper/ dimer and ability to hit 3s

CP3 on Hornets, but that is too much to lock in.

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Stockton, Westbrook, Chris Paul

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Dame. Not the best defender but just a really fun guy to use. His release is :ok_hand:

Oops i just saw you said defensive stopper and dimer - Cancel Lillard


Penny feels like he has hof d stopper, love that card.

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Really that’s interesting

Fultz for 30k is the best dunker ive used this year. He is amazing in this game haha

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Solely because someone torched me with him

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You run baron at all ? Hes a monster

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Recently made a budget Amethyst squad. D Lo is a monster.


I already picked up a 96 wall with red kyrie and badges for low 30s

He is the perfect fit

Thank you for all the ideas in guys I still need to try!!!


Yea i got rid of pd penny for diamond wall w red kyries. Both r amazing.


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Well, of course I will say Penny, but he’s my favorite card.


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Amy terry porter

Agree, fultz is amazing. I found him with white bikes and he’s even better

imo Magic is the best pg in the game still. I just grabbed him back again after running heat lbj and pd Simmons. He is a better pg imo then both of them. 10 games in he is right back to averaging 17 points 6 rebs 9 assists a game Simmons and lbj both moved to bench Simmons pg lbj pf. Cp3 is also amazing both his rockets or the reward one

Run CP3 or Rondo! You will LOVE both of them. Rondo’s amethyst is perfectly serviceable especially with Curry’s. That or just get diamond CP3. Both are so much fun. CP3 obv the better shooter.

PD Oladipo