Name a card that has saved your ASS recently

Mine was PD BOSH

13 pts in final 2 minutes to come back down 8


Came back down 15 in the 4th with Diamond JR after he previously bricked every shot

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Giannis. Was down 21 in unlimited he had 4 points at half time. Won by 12 he finished with 26/6/8


Buzzer dunk with giannis for a win.

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Big Bad Giannis.

Only card Ive used that can take over a game on defense. Blocks, steals, contests at the rim, closing on shooters he does it all.


Granger came off the bench for me in the 4th in a mtu game and single handedly won the game. Dude was going at him like he was a bum on D. Forced 3 straight turnovers which lead to 3 straight 3s from DG. Then the guy started panicking and I put him away. Ended up winning the 4th 21-6 all thanks to that run. He’s my favorite card to use off the bench.

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Tracy McGrady with a monstrous 4th quarter for me the other day. Went on a 17-0 run with him


Hibachi brought me back from down 12 the other day. It was magical

Shaq just hit a corner 3 for me with 40 seconds to go lmao

Please explain why you’re even taking that


The Black Steph Curry!


:rofl: There was no one within a mile to contest it so I just thought fuck it, the release was way off but it somehow went in lmfao. He then proceeded to get a steal on the other end and scored off the fastbreak to win me the game :sunglasses:

Kawhi for sure.

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I’m was fuming when a dude hit a corner 3 with PINK DIAMOND NATE THURMOND with a 34 3 BALL


TMac is the GOAT for this. I see the 5/5 threes above, and raise you:

A crazy 17 point 4th quarter for TMac shooting 5/5 from three to win the game… in just 5 minutes lol

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I just came back from 20 down in the second half. While it was a team effort, Yao on the defensive end was MVP.

Buzzer beater layup with PD Giannis to win by 2.


Derozan, Bird, Robinson been winning me MTU games. KP is surprisingly solid.

Magic, Roy, Tracy, Ray, AD, and Shaq have been balling out. Ben is still a savior as well when called upon.