MyTeam2K20 Topics: Play With Friends (PWF)

To me, this is one of the biggest changes in the model and maybe the biggest surprise in the blog.

For a while, I’ve presumed that not having selectable difficulty, quarter length, and sliders, was a business decision, to make the sub-mode less attractive and not cannibalize the player base of the main online PvP sub-mode.

But now, in PWF, we select Difficulty level and length of quarters. (I assume no custom Sliders adjustment.)

This is huge and gives us a much better outlet for playing PvP if we’re tired of the main online meta.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how elite cards play on HoF difficulty. I feel like we didn’t get a chance to play on HoF at all in 2K19, right?

It’s going to make this community all the more rewarding for 2K20. @2KGamer we should talk about making a new PWF/Tourneys Category to help facilitate people arranging matches and events.


i think @Kobe6Rings said sumn about a myteam myleague , care to elaborate?


yes, anything on the front of 2kg sponsored tournaments would be amazing.

Biggest issues we had last year (outside of the pwf difficulty) was a reliable escrow for buyins, and a structured registration process. Would love to see one day or weekend long tournaments instead of tournaments that drag on for weeks.


Tournaments are gonna be great

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Oh I meant in theory since you can edit the minutes as well. Not as an official mode my bad.

Like Harry said Im shocked this is an option.

I’d also be interested in having some monthly free to enter , monetary reward tourneys

Say it’s free to enter and the prize is $50 I’m willing to donate to that that could possibly help 2kG grow as well because maybe some heavy hitters would come to join the tourneys sorta like MTR on a budget

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Good news @Blk_FrankWhite :wink:

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ahhhhh lol looks like my recommendation
went thru :innocent:

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Yeah, I think that being able to go up to HoF (or even Superstar) just makes it so much more compelling, so anything that can be baked within PWF will be cooler.

Along with one-off PWF play, and organized tourneys like we’ve done, I think some might want to do some sort of “manual” MyTeam League. I imagine there’s some website that offers tools to manage a league schedule and people can play their games through PWF, and log results.

Basically same deal as a tourney, but extended. And could even try to cook up something that really makes it MyTeam flavored, in the sense that there could be timed drafts or opportunities to change lineups, at which one can then incorporate cards that were released since the last interval. So that lineup change/improve during the league season, just as they improve during the MT cycle.


This, first thing I tho about when I saw this, we about to make our own leagues now


PWF being customizable gives so many possibilities.

Not just one-off tournies but site-wide h2h leaderboards with multiple “weight classes” so OGxSuave doesn’t have every title.

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might be the sole reason I come back to 2k is the PWF customization + the community tournaments

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Yeah, @nba2kpdx / @YuBuuBuu, it gives us the basis for having a sandbox to play in.

It’s too bad Challonge only handles Single Elimination and 2-Stage “Group Play” tournaments, and not “seasons.”

If anyone knows of a good website that handles administration of season scheduling, logging of results and records, etc. then please share.

Here’s one. This one can schedule a season I think.

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seasons are great but the time commitment for so many people over such a long window is too much cat herding to last

I’m still waiting to see a ps4 touney actually complete without dropouts :slight_smile:

Well, dropouts will never happen and I agree on how it’s cat-herding in general.

Still, very interested to see how HoF Diff will affect the meta of PWF comp vs. whatever the main online PvP is.

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