MyTeam Welcome Packs

Here’s your content today

3750 VC for Diamond
10k VC for a PD

What a joke



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2K is free on PS4 tomorrow so makes sense I guess?


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L why not earlier in the year tf?

Hahaha I dont see the market tanking like last year. They arent letting us rip duo packs with MT. This is the beginning.

Unless high end PD’s are in here like glitched cards, but I doubt it

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Hopefully the packs will be broken like the Duos a couple of weeks ago​:smile::smile:

this is back???

These came a LOT earlier last year

Though they might have given out opal welcome packs at least

All the noobs are coming get ready for fried servers ya’ll :rofl:

Limit 1

I wonder if PD Tim Duncan is in these lol

That means we are going to start getting good codes finally then and good stuff on boards correct?

It seems like it to me

Why not an opal pack?

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I will guinea pig one pack lol

someone make a thread on who is in the packs because last year, there were like only 10 certain pink diamonds in those packs

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