Since 2K pretty much killed Team-Up mode this year, I was thinking how great would it be if they just added Team-Up to MyTeam in 2K20? I think it would be dope if we could play 5v5 online with our MyTeam players. Maybe randomize what position you are selected at and then give all users thirty seconds to a minute to go through their collection of players at that position before 2k randomly selects for you if you don’t pick someone.

You would definitely have to have tiers to have fair matchups though where maybe at first you can only play in matches with Bronze/Silver/Gold, then another tier with Emeralds/Sapphires, another with Rubies/Amethysts to the final tier with Diamonds, Pink Diamonds and Galaxy Opals.

I think this would definitely spice MyTeam up and give players a way to show off some of their cards to more than one player at once. If 2K looks at it strictly from a money standpoint, it would also encourage groups of friends to squad up and play together, more than likely drawing interest from people who weren’t into MyTeam before and they would want to keep up with having the best players to continue playing with their friends.

At the end of each game you could have it where rewards are randomly selected similar to triple threat’s ball drop but have it where everyone sees who was rewarded with what pack/consumable/mt/token and have it weighted to where the winning team has the higher chance of getting the better rewards or an extra reward for winning. Then you get to laugh at the person who got whored with the 100 mt and be jealous of the BigDaneAyMane who got the moments pack that turned into Moments Diamond Zion from your Washington Wizards because they propelled past seven other teams to get the #1 pick in the 2019 draft and completely changed the history of their franchise for the next 15 years. :wink:

W or L?


Cool idea, but I don’t think 2k would do it.

I mean it’s already in the play now mode… really I don’t see why they’d add it in myteam when you can already pick whatever players you want on there

I don’t know anyone that plays team-up this year. They buried it and made it more difficult to play with whoever you want. The point would be to have more variation in MyTeam instead of just traditional 1v1 and have more of a party atmosphere to it if you want. The rewards at the end would kind of be like a Destiny or Division where you complete a raid and there are random drops where some people get lucky and some get screwed giving everyone something to look forward to at the end.

Considering they have nothing to do after you go 12-0 other than repeating the process I don’t see them putting that in, I wish they would take what madden has tho

In madden they have a season mode where you gotta make the playoffs then win the next 4 games and you win the “Super Bowl” you get rewards for that
Then on the weekends they have weekend league where every single weekend you play 25 games and whoever wins the most games gets the top rewards, then they factor in strength of opponents into it to split the same records

This is what 2k needs

Agreed. I would definitely also like to see them do some some weekly or monthly tournaments as well similar to what I remember FIFA doing when I used to play FUT where you have to win four or five games in a row to get the best rewards. (Haven’t played it in 2-3 years)

It’d be nice if we had a reason to use or lower-tiered cards in a tourney where you can only use up to Rubies or up to Amys. Anything adding more online content, I’m down for because I hate playing the CPU.

I like how the weekly multiplayer challenges are all ruby and sapphire teams and they are shorter games on less difficulty, literally the only time I can make a fun team and not get frustrated, like I made a team tried running jimmer and j will as my two pg and they dudes I play just spam threes over them…

Bruh I’m with you. I loved the weeklys this week having to construct a new squad of just rubies and just sapphires instead of using a God squad.

I know technically I could use a budget team when I want in MTU and TTO but it just feels like there is no point in doing it especially in TTO where you’re probably going to matched up with a PD and Diamond squad anyways.

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Big W. Love the idea. I also think something like this shoule be implemented.

Madden’s MUT has a team-up mode so to speak, and it’s fun using players that you don’t have, or using guys with different chem boosts or whatever.

Would love that for MT.

Definite W

Great idea my team is fun af , I’m always down to run some I run Anthony Davis this is from literally 2 minutes ago I’m stealth at the bottom

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Damn I heard about team up before the release and then forgot all about it. How does it work and how do I start it XD

Nice stat line bruh! The few times I tried to play it this year, it was like 2v2 so pretty dope you got a game with a full squad and it looks you play the game right way. Maybe even too unselfish which is a nice change of pace from what I see from the randoms in Jordan Rec.

You go to Play Now Online and then select “Player” instead of the “Team” option I believe. It’s clear how much they want to bury these modes because they don’t bring in the $$$$

And how does the team up part work? Who picks first? Can you end up with 5 pgs?

It’s a matter of who clicks on the position first once you’re in. I try to get pg as much as possible. Most guys in that mode are terrible and jack up contested shots all game

Didn’t expect nothing else.