MyTEAM Unlimited Distress thread (Vent here, also Encouraged)

Lost game 12 on my first run yesterday
Lost game 11 on my second run yesterday

then this happens today game 10, not to mention dude team im going 12-0 isnt the best so i had to lower ovr just to get matched up with someone 5 pts higher than me lmao

look at this clip man, pretty much the best defense i could play last two possesions… Guess i shouldve fouled.

Had to blur to cover usernames

heres a picture of contest

i just played overtime in silence cause i knew what time it was


heres video

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Who shot it?

Game is dog shit and MyTeam is almost unplayable, I feel like this shit is trying to test your mental fortitude. Shit like this doesn’t happen in the park as frequently, maybe like 1 out of 40 shots.



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makes it even worse the game before that one i survive a hop stepping giannis that drop 51 points

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Didn’t even that’s some bullshit

ddint green it nor does bam have hof deadeye or hof clutch

not to mention, big z pretty much palmed the ball and has hof intimidator etc

lol man


He’s got gold DE and a high release. He’s a glitchy card

Was that at the end of the game?

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I feel your pain. The BS is on right now.

nah it went to ot , but i knew i was dead in ot

he had the far superior team and won tip off

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The game is basically unplayable. Predetermined wins and losses.

50+ contesteds going in is unforgivable and now that it’s Opal season I’m seeing it happen left and right.

The game is totally min/max. I either completely destroy my opponent and they rage quit OR it’s an EQ-laden slog where they shoot 90+% and everything I used to green becomes clank city.

I’m out.


man myteam gameplay this year with all these op ass cards is horrendous, i’m not a believer in the eq but momentum shifts in this year are beyond strong, it’s outta control


honestly makes it feel like you HAVE TO SWEAT every game, cause everytime i try to just fuck around or have fun with a card, i end up getting on the wrong side of the algorithm

Beat a guy earlier running


Lowered his overall so no bench. I was crazy hype when I won by 2, but it was physically painful how sweaty the game was. Man was terrible just charging at the basket and getting stupid animations. Would have been heated if I lost tho.

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Big Z is a fraud, he looks crazy good on paper but just SUCKS. get Thon Maker


He’s got the best jumper


thon gets bodied, by shaqs and shit


Big Z can’t defend them either