Myteam Tournament Next Friday, 8/21

I am hosting a Myteam Tournament next Friday, 8/21. We already have some good comp players who are interested.

I’d love to hear your feedback on what tournaments worked out well.

Height restriction, Maximum of Opals/goat cards, prizes, etc.

I am planning on running these type of tournaments all 2k21 so if you plan on playing in the future don’t hesitate to say hi.

Sign me up coach!

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What kinda prizes you awarding?!

I just hosted a 64 man height restriction tourney that was well received. The final series was a thrill to watch :slight_smile:

It’s end game now tho so lowkey I dunno how many peeps willing to put money. Into making teams if they don’t have to. So God squads might be better. I dunno

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It depends the kind of turn out we get. I’m thinking of giving out three prizes. Maybe giving out MT and a PSN card. Winner can choose which one they want.

I don’t think many will play for mt. Game is done. But that’s just my opinion! :slight_smile:

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If that’s the only prize then probably not. I’ll have the details finalized by the weekend but I know I still wouldn’t mind winning 100k mt

If you’re interested in finding out more than please PM me your psn.