MyTeam Takeovers

Can anyone give a breakdown of which symbol is each takeover/ what each takeover does?

I made a shot creator in career so I know what the symbol for that is and that it pretty much makes any off dribble shot go in.

:wine_glass: - Glass Cleaner… GET IT!?
:postbox: - Post scorer
:dart: - Sharpshooting
Wings or Knives - Slasher/Finisher
:lock: - Lockdown
:shield: - Rim Protector
♜ - Playmaker
⛮ - Shot creator


Thanks. I guess glass, sharp, and post are a little more obvious but what do the other ones boost? For example I had lockdown takeover and it didn’t seem to help with on ball steals and with playmaking takeover it didn’t seem to help assist percentages.

idk but ive faced kidd in trip threat and when his defensive takeover activated, he was like a brick wall and he kept stealing it. it forced me to bring the ball up with someone else


do some players get two of these? I swear I see two flash sometimes

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Finley for sure has sharpshooting and shot creator. I think the 99 overall player I created had like 5 of them, maybe all.

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thanks for confirming, i noticed that on finley too

Finley is a damn monster in takeover, especially in triple threat. I think it activates if you hit 3 3’s in a row with him and from then it’s a gg. He hits fading 3s from limitless.

Also I think AD has rim protecting and post scoring takeovers too.

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Yeah. Once a player is a 94 overall or above both their primary and secondary takeover activates.


I didnt even know you could have 2 till a couple days ago as well, playing normal play now with the mrs lol… Having 2 of these is pretty busted. Especially having 1 for each side of the floor like AD

it’s yuuuuge. I will be building my team around these as we get later in the year where it’s harder to distinguish between players with similar stats

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For those with Finley, his shot creator takeover let’s him green hop step 3s from anywhere. When he has the sharpshooting one too…gg

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Has anyone got a link to a definitive list of which stats influence which takeovers, and what happens when ties occur?



thats exactly what i wanna ask bro :joy:

I don’t think you will find an answer. The fact that online and offline takeovers differ points to a degree of randomness involved

thats true, im only wondering if ball control and speed with ball contribute for playmaker or slasher

Playmaker for sure gets plus 10 in bc,Swb,speed, passing and some +5 in other stats

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