MyTeam Sleepers

What player do you use that you hardly see on your opponents.
Mines is diamond Clyde Drexler even though he was a season reward I’ve only played against him twice.

Ruby Jalen Rose

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Pretty much anyone from heat check besides Kareem lmao

mine in 2k16 was sim buhlar

but in 2k18 i use marion,amare,dave debuschere and i dont see them too often

Magic, I faced him just one time

97 magic

Amy Brook Lopez lately. Was Amy IT before that. But it’s just cause I love my Lakers.

pd lonzo at least in the pc after 2-3 days of his release you dont see him too much.1 of 10 games now and maybe i say too much(no irony)

I never see Diamond Marbury or Diamond Penny. Don’t think I’ve seen Diamond LMA either.

I use 2 of the rarer cards. Amythest jr Smith and penny. I don’t come across them very much.

also amy beasley is very rare im too glad i got him

defs marion. Good call @MJ23GOAT

amy wilt
diamond wade

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97 Magic and PD Lonzo…I don’t get all the hate on Lonzo’s card, he plays exactly like magic and he clamps up the opponents point guard

thnx marion is a beast

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Super deep sleeper that nobody has: Emerald Darius Miles. 6’9. 93/91/88 Speed/accel/swb. 96/90/96 driving/contact dunk/vert. 100/100 dunk tendencies.

Ruby Hamilton still a sleeper. Great 3 and D SG, too bad he got no HOF badges.

Pd Magic :joy: Never seen one and diamond Magic i only remember 2-3.

Ruby kuzma. The only non diamond I use!


he was on my god squad basdged out for a while… got 50k bin for him last night.