MyTeam Season 3 Teaser? Michael Jordan level 40 reward?

PS5 MyTEAM Challenge Activities

Finally, we can’t end the Courtside Report without talking about one more exciting PS5 feature we’re creating new experiences for. Like how we took advantage of the DualSense and its Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback features, we took a look at PS5’s Activities and asked ourselves, “How can we bring fresh and meaningful content to our MyTEAM gamers?” The answer was MyTEAM Challenge Activities.

Each new MyTEAM Season, through the Activities feature, will bring about a unique Challenge Activity that’s akin to our Moments and Spotlight Challenges: complete special objectives within set game scenarios and get rewards for hitting them. Each Season’s Challenge Activity will yield a different reward, and there will be a new Challenge Activity for every new MyTEAM Season up for NBA 2K21 for PS5. Best of all, all participants will be ranked amongst each other through the Activities leaderboard.

First up, starting with Season 3, will be the Challenge of scoring 72 points against the 1996 Chicago Bulls. As most NBA fans know, the Michael Jordan-led Bulls achieved an unthinkable regular season record of 72 wins and 10 losses – the best record in NBA history until the 2016 Golden State Warriors one-upped them with a 73-9 record. Build your own dream team, score the iconic number of points (or more), earn yourself a nice little reward, and get ranked based on the final number of points you’ve tallied up. See you on the leaderboard!