Myteam season 2

What will the myteam season 2 be like? What do you think?
Will there be the same rewards are different people?

I’m guessing another PD that I won’t get on the Ascension board, a GO at level 40, a GO for winning 68 MTU games, Pierce for winning 56, crappy diamonds on TT/TTO, 99 stars in domination with a PD, a PD for locking spotlights and GO for buying spotlight cards.


PD Tony Parker season 2 reward lol


We do need more small PGs and non-shooting Cs right now


wht is the best xp challenge challengeto get lowry cuz i 2 levels levels away?

Bout 7k away

Klay 60 points and Luka and Westbrook triple doubles get you 5500 xp total if you do all 3


got klay done but 4 me it is hard to get boards

4 the new klay wht r his xp

A little off topic but does anyone know if your xp transfers over to next season if you have over 150,000?

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I don’t think it does

Opal for level 40 and a diamond for level 33, another PD on the ascension board, an opal for going 12-0 with Pierce attainable at 11-1, an opal and diamond player available in the exchange, along with diamond contract shoe and HOF badge, possibly an exchange for coaches as well since they are so rare? Opal available for locking in the spotlight sets, a PD for completing the challenges, and a token update with 1 opal, 3 Pds, 2 or 3 diamonds, 2 amethysts, 2 rubies, 5 sapphires, and 15 emeralds.


That kinda sucks.

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So what are the klay xp challenge? Amy klay.

it does.

Season 2 be like 1. Trash rewarded, glitched, bugged, patched, same loop till nextgen. Beyond that i can’t tell :cold_face:


It will be bad btw curry was not worth it. Can’t calmp up and can only shoot.

Lowry was better because he can clamp up and drive.

Lowery is fire man. I am going to be honest, I throw him in TTO and unlimited every now and then and he always does well.

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I not saying curry is bad he not worth it and when I get lowry he will be my 11th man cuz i got d will and sleepy but when i neede d (pause) he will come in.