Myteam problems with TT/TTO, dom, challenges, etc

I am having issues playing any game mode in myteam. I couldn’t play tt/tto, domination, challenges, etc. it’s just loading and would not go through. Anyone knows how to fix it? Thanks.

I had the same issue the other day. The cards were blank and none of the modes was available, it was just loading. I wrote to support, they did not share any significant tips. At first they told me to go to Play Now menu so that the game could download updates if any (there were none). Then they told me to clear cash (it did not help). Eventually, I went to my carreer, made a quick quest (talked to someone), after that I came back to my team and it was working fine. Dunno if it helps.


Wow. that was weird. It worked perfectly! Thank you so much!!!


Just got this problem for the first time. Restarted the PS5 didn’t fix. Supposedly if you power off and unplug the PS5 for 30 seconds it clears the cache, but that didn’t work. I ended up just deleting the game and now I have to wait till it redownloads.

If that doesn’t work I guess i’ll have to make a MyCareer save to test out if that fixes it.

If they copy&paste the same game every year, over and over again (with a few cosmetic changes) you’d expect them to at least make it a big less buggy but no, they can’t even to that :rofl: