MyTeam Online Gameplay is absolutely awful again

This is really my first time playing in a week or so and the gameplay is unbelievably bad. It really is 2k18 all over again.


Told y’all in my rant thread lol. It became unplayable to me. I like to compete, but games are supposed to be fun. Playing a game where so little is in your control is completely a waste of your time and energy, and not worth the stress at all.


Play now online is 4x better to be honest.


100%. It requires actual stick skill. This meta in the tournament right now is absolutely pathetic.

I think it’s 7/10 defense is alright and offense doesn’t seem too OP yet

Defense is non-existant rn

Kareem getting bullied by KAT is a joke


Couldnt disagree more. It is harder now than ever for good players to separate themselves from bad players. Shooting over screens is OP, you cant play small point guards anymore because Giannis/ AK47 are now once again OP at PG. It really is a joke how this mode first started and where its at now.


The on ball D is a shit again. You are like on a skateboard, good lord lol. Thx to the servers and the patches. Well done


Shooting over screens is OP but I haven’t encountered AK or giannis at point except once and all I did was switch matchups


Gameplay has definitely changed tho I can agree

Yeah and for the worse is my point. It take significantly less skill than it used to even just a month ago. Its staggering.


Most definitely but there is still a gap between good and bad players as post is still bbq chicken and plays work, but the turbo mashers and zig zaggers are catching up


4 screens and try to shoot even with the hands in the face. This is the game rn


I think the even bigger problem is now its even harder for good players and really good players to separate themselves. Theres just too much cheese to abuse and momentum is a little ridiculous as well.

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I noticed the momentum is wild af favoring me most times to be honest I’ll be up 2 or 4 and one mistake from my opponent and he can’t find a shot and a min later I’m up by 14


Yes tto was crazy last night

I had kemba putting my Iggy on skates…I would be in his face contesting and he would hit 3 after 3

Yeah and in 4 minute games (for the qualifier at least) it just creates more opportunity for the lesser player to win.

If the tournament is all about finding the best MyTeam 2k19 player, the gameplay isnt even close to what it should be.


Dead serious, the way the gameplay was when 2k19 came out was soooo much better.

Also another problem with the meta the way it is, is it is harder and harder to differentiate PD / Di cards from Amys and Rubys because everyone can shoot a three, everyone can dunk on everyone again and zig zagging pick n fade spam has never been better in 2k19


Remember when you couldnt zig zag… great times