MyTeam on PC

I never have had trouble finding a game in Europe. But as soon as I got the the states It takes a minimum of 10 mins to find a game, sometimes up to 30 minutes. Are there really that few people playing 2k on PC in America?

PC is not so popular in US as consoles. That’s why 2k doesn’t give a f*ck about PC version

It’s not as popular in Europe either but it seems like there are literally 0 people playing on PC in America right now

Well, I guess the few that have the game are at work. @HarryLundt was talking in the past about PC players in the US.

And PC gaming is much much popular in Europe than in the US, yeah, you play usually kind of same group of guys (I played you like twice in last two weeks), but you never have a problem finding a game.

Yeah, supposedly sports games are still pretty popular on PC in Europe. In the USA, sports games are totally dominated by the two consoles. (Other types of games, of course, are popular on PC in the USA.)

When I was on 2K on PC, playing MyTeam, I often could not find a match despite leaving the game to search for one for 45 minutes, or more, at like 9pm.

When I did get a match, 80% of the time, it was with one of ~6 people.

I spent half the year on EU servers then moved back to the States- oddly it is hard finding games during the day. Nights pick up though.

When I was on PC servers, I was West Coast too. What’s wait time like for you, at night, when trying to find a MyTeam game?

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5-10 minutes, but you do run into the same 6 drop-hackers CONSTANTLY.

If I can afford a console for 2k20, I’ll switch.


This. So many drop hackers. I just do tto now


Do you have any thought as to what the wait time would be like if the drop-hackers were not around?

My last year of 2K on PC was 2K17 and there was drop-hacking. One night, I matched up with the same guy 6+ times in a row. Each time, he’d kill the game earlier and earlier, once falling behind.

MyTeam on PC is just flat-out “unplayable” on the West Coast, from my experience. East Coast and Midwest I think are better. But I think only in Europe does it make any sense to play on PC.

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That’s a tough one, but without the plague of drop-hackers I think you’d see a much healthier community, with people less likely to swear off the mode to play TTO.

Few nights ago I was getting games in 2-5 minutes, but then ran into one of these cheesers (PC definition), got drop-hacked in the 4th and just quit.

Same story as a lot of people I’d bet.

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That’s interesting that you actually were getting multiple games that quickly.

I only ever got more than one game within 5 minutes if I matched with the same guy.

Drop-hacking has been around for years now. 2K won’t stop it, and/or can’t.

2K on PC is basically an illustration of Tragedy of the Commons. Or maybe some concept about how Zero-Sum games lead to bad human behavior.

Something’s up with the PC world right now. There are fewer auctions ending further apart. This doesn’t bode well for my auctions I put up earlier today. :expressionless:

I’d call that an apt comparison- the badge hacking really changed the ecosystem as well. The entire economy- the entire game- is a mess.

But PC is still home.

Just have to be Buddha about it.

Yeah, I get it. If you already have a PC that can handle the game, it’s not hard to tolerate some bullshit.

And what I’ve found, after moving to PS4, is that I have some fundamental issues with the behavior of “the community,” and also the way the game has continued to evolve, and these issues are quite considerable as well, and so being able to play online games on demand is not the only issue to address.

I actually think that NBA2k on PC is the best option, if you just want to chill and play (at least in Europe). You can have a top team without spending any (or much) money, graphics are way better, usually servers too and no one can actually message you/harass you just like that. Plus in general, there are not that many ultra hardcore cheesers. Yes, fullcourt press, some SFs at PG are typical, but you dont see tons of those all bigs off ball lineups.

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