MyTeam on PC 🖥️: General Discussion (February)

Since MyTeam on PC is sometimes a bit different on PC (especially MTU and the market), I figured we should try out having a space for discussion that resets monthly.

Anyways, I’ll start it off with a few things:

  1. Does anyone here try to go 12-0? What’s ur experience so far? I swear every few games I get someone who does the disconnect glitch after it’s pretty clear that I’m gonna win. I’m sitting on 5-0 but I’ve played probably 8 or 9 games.

  2. Anyone buying up Wade cards? KP shot up after he left packs, so I’m thinking Wade may do the same.

  3. Diamond consumables are crazy expensive right now. I sold a pair of the green Kobes for 500k last night. Contracts are between 80-100k. Anyone think they’ll come down soon?


Also it looks like Magic is finishing above 1 million already. @the_joker how long are you gonna hold yours?

I ended up grabbing a couple Wades by accident while trying to group snipe for <200k, so I’ll be holding onto them.

Also grabbed a few Tatum when they were like 20k… surprised he’s not >100k yet. Hopefully he’ll get there eventually.

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below 200 should pay off for Wade. He’s cheaper than KP was when he was in packs for some reason. Maybe bc TMac is back out again?

yea I picked up about 6 Tatum’s too for around 12 - 15k. I sold some 4already for like 60k ish but yea I’m hoping he’s not a buyout soon to get rid of the other 2 and get some space back in my auctions.

I sold one for 100k which has me thinking they might still be increasing. We’ll see though. They’ve come down a touch since then.

Also gonna sell a PD Antoine Walker eventually for hopefully a shit ton of MT.

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I think i will hold my 2 Magic’s until the price reaches 1.5 million MT, 2k wont re release the packs so his price should hold

As for MTU, i dont have any hopes to reach 12-0. I dont play a lot, so every time someone DC glitches (which happens more and more) is really annoying for me. I recently turned off the shot meter and the past 10 games I was really dominating but today I ran into a guy who also had the shot meter turned off and he greened every wide open shot. Fair play to him.
I also have the problem with my CPU. My graphics card died recently so I bought a new one. But my GPU is too weak and i have a bottleneck. This means that when I play 2k FPS can drops severly and the game starts lagging so its difficult to time shots.
If anyone wants to play a friendly, hit me up!

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Yeah buy some wades they are very easy to pick up rn, I got one for 40k and another for 90k by bidding.
No way he’ll be less than that in a month or so

I don’t play online pretty much collect cards play AH and offline games. Don’t really care for the 12-0 guys anyway.

Always good to get the prime cards they shoot up in value after they leave packs. You do have to sell at the right time before they pop back up in packs. (T-Mac) I got really lucky the other day decided to finally sell my T-Mac as price reached 4mill and slapped him up for 12 hours. He ended up selling for 5 mill just before they released the prime packs. Using MT ripped 15 packs and got him back very lucky lol. I also sold my Wilt for 4mill.

I will never lock sets unless its a favorite player. Just my rule.

About once a month i’d buy VC online you can get around 2mill for $50 damn good deal. Google VC for PC you will find several sites. Don’t buy anymore VC because I’ve acquired around 20mill in MT. Pretty sure that should last for a while.

At this point I just wait for new cards and buy no need to rip packs anymore

You think they’ll go up to 1.5 mil? I got 5 and 6 ADs just waiting to see when I should sell them

and are you in US? I’m down for friendlies too

2K does not make near the same money on PC as console so I don’t think they care as much. With the lack of PC players I believe they have some kind of bot program that places cards in AH as we know they constantly pop up for 500 no BIN. They used to place silvers in AH for 800 i’d buy those up and resell for 10X that amount but haven’t seen an 800 silver in a while.


yeah dude, when frostbite came out a bot or someone kept putting manute bols bin for 10k , like 2 or 3 every couple of minutes xD I made 900k that day in 45mins

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I don’'t know how much AD will rise, but I have no doubt Magic will hit 1.5 mil at some point soon

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we were probably sniping against each other. I think I got about 12 of those Bols lol. 5K bid 10K bin

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LOL same bro that’s why I love pc!

lmao damn i didn’t know they went on all day! I picked up like 5 and held them

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Yeah usually if you snipe over 3 copies of a card for the same exact bid and bin, its gonna be an all day thing or whenever the packs expire xD

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total 2k pc noob here. why are mt prices so much higher?

you mean prices of cards right? Bc mt prices are really low.

Anyways MT farms put a lot of cheap MT into the market, and older cards are more rare than they are in console, so you get too much currency chasing too few goods, which is the recipe for inflation in any market.

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  1. Last year I got 12-0 every single month, even with DCs. You just learn to live with it. This year I started playing myteam around Christmas, had one 11-1 run for Dirk, then got to 10-0 in my next run…game didn’t load, I was stuck there for 5mins. When I closed the app, it gave me an L. Didn’t bother after that since myteam is garbage this year.

  2. It’s always the same with “common” PD cards. You can easily get them for cheap 6-8 hours after the release, then the price spikes up again for a couple of days. After that it drops and you can always resell for a profit, just a week later. Sometimes even depends on the time of the day. Hakeem’s price was really erratic for example. Went anywhere between 150 and 700k.

  3. Shoes were always expensive, but contracts rose in price because they weren’t in packs for a week or so. When they’re back in packs, it’ll go back to ~45k.

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I didn’t know that diamond contracts weren’t in packs. I wonder if that was intentional from 2k.

Shoes were always expensive but they’ve gonna up quite a bit over the past week or so. Ive bought a few pairs of those Kobe’s in the month I’ve been on PC and they weren’t going close to 500 when I kept my eye on them. Now it seems like most pairs are hitting at least 400k