MyTEAM News and Trailer Coming Monday!

Finally a date for it!! Man, that was a long wait but at least we finally have a date to know when its coming…

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Imagine making people wait to find out the new ways they will be wasting all their money


Ill be here.

They need to nail this mode.

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if they mess this mode up ill probably get rid of my xbox account and xbox ngl… they really keep messing things up already

well ronnie now saying monday or tuesday now wtf

I’m no 2K apologist but I feel they’ve done that already this year making up for 2K18. In other words I can’t see any drastic overhauls. I hope I’m wrong though.




Ronnie 2k: Monday, Tuesday? I meant next Friday.


nah he means the monday on week of release :rofl::sweat_smile::joy:

Nah you mean after the release :stuck_out_tongue:

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Coming out August 26th 2025

Hahaha. Tbh I don’t care anymore. This company is not worth it.

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This is a lot of dif threads just put this in another one of your threads and change the title

Site is dead AF right now. And he only has two. One is about the cash livestream, the other is about the Myteam blog. I’d say they’re different enough to warrant separate threads.

Wasn’t talking bout just today, just giving a thought could’ve just posted in his other thread and changed the title to continue the convo