MyTeam Limited MVP

So since the last limited weekend is this one, just thought I’d check with everyone who were your mvps for limited? and I’m not talking about the op dark matter cards.
I’m talking about the card that was always there for you in those ruby/amy/diamond weekends.

You can name all 3 tiers or just 1 specific that sticks out.

The card that I definitely enjoyed using on diamond weekends was Eric Paschall, he is my mvp for sure, and a juiced Bamba that @Ddrop provided me with ofcourse.

Take it a bit more far, the amy I used for very long was season of giving jrue holiday, back when budget cards were goats if they had gold clamps, intimidator and some shooting badges.

Also a real goat was amy evo kyle anderson and amy isaac.

The ruby goat without question is definitely Bamba, to this day I think still the best ruby center in the game.


Ruby Frobe, amy Diaw & Radja, d Haliburton (before oop cards). My Mvp is ruby Frobe tho. T. Young is prolly the best ruby in the game.

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Ruby would have to be Thad Young or KPJ. Can’t split them.

Amy, it hurts to leave out Dino but it’s Okeke alllllll the way.

I’m taking Okeke over any diamond card too. He’s my MVP for both Amy and diamond tiers, haha


Diamond Giannis. Any Giannis is gonna be dominant and this one is no different. So good I gave him a diamond shoe and a few badges. With Phil he’s almost as good as any other version of himself. Luka a close second but it sucks that he plays C/PF

Amethyst Jrue and CP3 carried before cards got too OP but once they did, Boris Diaw took the crown.

Rubies is gonna be a 3 way tie. KPJ had the longest reign but Ruby Thad and Yuta were insane.

Honorable Mention: Emerald Ja & Jaren duo. Once again, I loaded them with as many badges as possible and gave them shoes. Ja was a monster and Jaren is great on defense. +Phil, they carried in limited a lot for me because no one ever paid them much attention.

Amethyst Dino, Ruby Thad Young, and Diamond Goran Dragic are my MVP’s

Although another card that comes to mind is Ruby Caris LeVert, for some reason he carried me at the start of the year :joy:

Some more honorable mentions are emerald Jeff Green, Diamond Kirk Hinrich, Ruby Mo Bamba, and David Wesley


Diamond Eddy Curry, Tyrese Halliburton, Vlade Divac, Tmac, Giannis, OOP Lamelo & Luka, Mo Bamba, Justise Winslow

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diamond- cmon guys… not even gonna say

amy- jrue holiday

ruby- yuta

sapphire- hami diallo

HM: thad, ruby joe harris, emerald daequan cook, steve novak

Diamond: Glitched Zion!! Still one of the best diamond since Nov. (current gen)
Amy: OOP Diaw and Okeke
Ruby: T Young

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Diamond TMAC and Klay
AMY both Diaws and Howell
Ruby Fultz, Thad Young, Bamba, Wesley
Sapphire none?
Emerald Jeff Green and Klay

Rubies: Thad and KPJ
Amys: Okoro and Precious
Diamond: Eddy Curry and Haliburton

I know it’s going to be obvious but using tacko in limited feel like a cheat code when it’s 1 dm and rest are ruby or whatever lmao it’s so cheese

BAMBA! And Amy Diaw.

Amethyst Dino!!!

Ruby KPJ, AMY duo Bamba/Isaac, AMY Smush, Ruby Thad, and most importantly DM Phil Jackson :sob:

Diamond Robert Reid

Diamond Dort

Ruby KORVER ran the entire gym before clamps and quick first step were the in things.

Edit: One limited game I went for either 92 or 93 with him. I think it was 93 if I recall correctly

the dashboard quitters

Ruby or Diamond Bamba for me

Amy RHJ played better than Okeke for me