MyTeam league

Would anyone be interested in a 16 player league with some kind of prize for 1st 2nd and 3rd place?

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Like a tournament?

Could be tournament. Could be a league. Like 21 games and then best of three series with top 8 teams. It’s probably way too elaborate but it was an idea.

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It would give people a consistent form of competition for awhile. I dunno.

I’m interested possibly

league would be cool if not everyone had the same players and there was some sort of draft so if someone picks t mac in the first round no one else can, otherwise tournament would be cool


yea i was thinking bout doing a draft style myteam league just seems like a lot of work

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Also interested in MyLeague if folks on here wanted to do that. Especially a fantasy draft style, that would be dope


Down for a PS4 myleague

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Im down

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